wreath of pumpkin.

feastの南西にあるZilch SIMで ハロウィンのグッズを配布するというので、forest feast からも 1つ 提供させていただきました。カボチャのリースです。

Goods of Halloween are distributed with Zilch SIM (It is in the southwest of feast. )
It offered one from forest feast. It is a wreath of pumpkin.

配布場所は Zilch SIMのあちこち!

The distribution place is here and there of Zilch SIM.
It is concealed in a lot of pumpkins that exist in SIM.

"C-you" から、蜘蛛の巣が5種類。

Another of wreath of pumpkin.
There are five kinds of cobwebs from "C-you".

"L-SEVEN" からは、AFK Goods が提供されたようです。

AFK Goods from "L-SEVEN".

(31日までに まだ増えるかもしれない?)
 (It is likely to still increase by the 31st. )


The pumpkin is not concealed. It is a lot. lol
It is found if it touches one after another, and look for, please while playing.


ただし、うちの出したリースは 20primある 不親切設計です。。。多様厳禁>< ご注意ください。

However, our wreath put out is an unkindness design with 20prim. ><

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