free gift green grass

Thank you for immediately a lot of visits the garden of the subtropics that opened yesterday.
First of all, I will guide a free commodity though the new item is normally guided here.
 昨日、オープンした 亜熱帯の庭には、早速多くの皆さんにお越しいただいて、ありがとうございます。
 ここで 本来なら新商品のご案内をするところなのですが、昨日ご紹介し忘れた、フリー商品のご案内を先にさせていただきます。

It is a free grass put on the information booth before.
There was an inquiry, "Do not other colors exist?" from the customer.
There might be a limit also in the color tuning in the edit because former color was a considerably thick color.
The number of colors has been increased.
お客様から 他の色はないのか?との問い合わせがあって、
元の色がけっこう濃い色だったので 編集での色調整にも限界があるんだろうということで、

green grass mix color

Mix that mixes luminous color a little.
Overall bright light green.
Adjusting to a favorite color is easy yellow.
4 colors are put on the information booth.
全体に明るい light green。色をかけて好きな色味に調整しやすい yellow。
計 4色を インフォメーションブースに置いています。
And, there were a lot of customers who took many. Therefore, the copy was enabled.
Even if you do not join the group, you can get it.
Please use it when the meadow comes to want it ;)
今回すべて コピー可能にしました。

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