(Mermaid)villanelle for petite

Since the mermaid costume of a petite avatar could be made, I adjusted little by little and was changing the existing thing for petite. 
Only by making it small simply, since it was impossible, it's correcting here and there delicately, but it's certain that i's same series as an usually avatar. 
petite アバターのマーメイドコスチュームが作れるようになったので、ちまちま調整して、既存のものをpetite用に直していました。

Although the costume of a deep color is also due to be created, first of all, 5 colors is released one of these days in these series.
Since it has completed mostly, the rest is only box stuffing.

Next is flower & the next is for petite.
I think that I will make by turns. 
(Don't only make the existing thing into petite) I would like to also make new one, when it can do.
Since I'm one, they don't advance easily. :P

But since make is very pleasant, I make, enjoying itself slowly.

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