so sorry for what I did to all

First of all, it is an apology.
Although it is continuation from yesterday and information was passed in the group of petite, seemingly, group notice had a rule with 1 store 1notice / 1week.

I was allowed to join a mall group as a friend seed. Although notes were probably got from the staff of the group after that, I had not received.
Then, the rule was completely in not knowing. (I should have received. I have some goods. But only the note of a rule is not found.  )

But it is certain that I broke the rule of the group.
I think it over, I don't sent the group notice of petite for one month.
Garden for petite is opened in you.
I also plans to make new goods.
Although they will be only the information here, Please understand the situation.

The reply without reproof was got from the group administrator.
Thank you.
Moreover, I am thankful also to the person who taught about the rule.

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