Group tag

Does it finish in one more month this year?
Are you thought that one year is long? or short?

It's said that time is felt long like a young child.
It seems that I think somehow that one year is long because a mental age is child.

Although SL is begun and it is already 5 years or more, I feel that it is doing for about 10 years. 

Now, today is about a group...a few

Initially, a group of forest feast had been using the Subscribe-O-Matic system that you don't use the group frame.
This is because the group in SL has registered as a club member only to 25 those days, so it thought that I was insufficient.
However, although this group can register as a club member easily in order to put in only by touching, withdrawal from the membership must also go to a store.
Many ones say that they forget completely where it had registered as a club member.

Years have passed and various problems appeared. 
Since the number of the groups in which SL carries out formal support increased to 42 at the time, it decided to shift to the group in SL.
forest feast のグループは当初グループ枠を使用しないSubscribe-O-Maticというシステムを利用させていただいていました。

After group shift, After a while, I was going to join a group of pay, I missed theopportunity ,,,It continues up to now.

It seems that now, the number of group members will be 500 persons soon when it sees just for a moment today although it is such a group. One of the groups that have an limited number, and you choose, I am grateful.
Although commemoration etc. are not considered in particular for the moment, I consider that I wish I can also take out a gift little by little and as before.

By the way, it's although a tag of the group of forest feast
When you become a member, tag has feast guest. 
Some time after the admission, you will be able to select tag two more.
Resident of Fantasy & Lover of Flower

ところで、forest feastのグループのタグなんですが、
入会してくださったときは  feast guest っていうタグになっています。
Resident of Fantasy と Lover of Flower

Although it thinks that this more familiar one seldom comes,
If very well, please use according to the place which goes. :)
There is no difference in particular in the privilege by a tag.


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