Happy First Birthday Petites

      *:.:* PetitesFest 2013 *:.:*
.:* Happy First Birthday Petites *:.
Friday February 1 - Sunday February 10
       The Petites Kingdom

It's been One Year since the Petites made their debut on the grid and it's time for a party!
But we are not throwing just any party: Get ready for cake and games and dancing and did I mention CAKE! Like Cake on Cake with Frosting and Cake on the side! Sugar YAY! (CAKE, lots of CAKE...)

Starting on Friday, February 1 and going for ten amazing days, Petitesfest is going to be a festival of fun! We will have a special anniversary Market, featuring some of your favorite Petites merchants, full of new items offered for 100L or less, and even new petites avatar releases. Come and check out the Market to see what all might appear!

Above the marketplace, we will have a Carnival set up with games where you can win tickets redeemable for prizes from Petites merchants, rides and interactive photo props sized just for Petites. We have dances through out the week so you can get together with your friends and meet new ones!

Make sure to help us kick off Petitesfest with style by joining us on Friday, February 1 at 7pm SLT when DJ Koala extraordinaire Xavian Starsider will open our anniversary celebration with a special music set sure to inspire enthusiasm and light the night on fire! Fireworks are ALWAYS a possibility!

See you at the Kingdom!

There is a petite avatar birth 1 year congratulation event.
The costume of the fairy introduced here was the sale united with this event.
こちらの投稿でご紹介した妖精のコスチュームは このイベントに合わせての発売でした。

Since a commemorative market is goods installation below 100L$,
Fairy costume is sold by L$100 during this event (February 1 to 10).

Moreover, the costume of the usual avatar of sale by the same design is also L$100 for the same period.

Till the day of Valentine, pink costume is contained in LB.  
It's not a limited group, please take a walk in passing.

Pink for petite  LB is here  
 petite用のピンク LBはこちらです。

 Pink for usually  LB is here
通常アバター用のピンク LBはこちらです。

You can receive guidance of the event of petite in the information booth of a head office. 

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