sky dome : francesca one

New sky dome was released from anc Ltd. The atmosphere of the present francescaSIM was stuffed. It's great space.
anc Ltd.さんから新しsky domeがリリースされました。
今のfrancescaSIMの雰囲気をぎゅっと詰め込んだ 素敵な空間です。

 (popは anc Ltd. blogからお借りしています。The picture is borrowed from anc Ltd. blog.)

The tree of forest feast is planted into this dome.  
Although the white of recollections tree is foundations, of course, it is the original for a dome.
こちらのドームの中にforest feastの樹を植えさせていただきました。
recollections treeの白が基本ですが、もちろんドームの為のオリジナルで作っています。

anc Ltd.  is said that francescaSIM will change the present landscape soon. 
If it does so, it will become impossible to also see the present great space.
How is it in things?  Atmosphere present state takeout !


You can fly now to a demonstration from anc Ltd.'s store.
Please try & come to being immersed leisurely. 
anc Ltd.さんのお店からデモに飛べるようになってそうです。

Present Although the petit mall of opening commemoration is opened in francescaSIM,
It will have been till the 24th also here. 

There's also a gorgeous opening gift. Don't forget!

現在 francescaSIMではオープニング記念のプチモールが開かれていますが、

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