Mason's Gazebo

Medieval Fantasy Hunt
This is introduction of Hunt prize from forest feast
一つ前の記事でお知らせしたMedieval Fantasy Huntforest feastからのハントprizeのご紹介です。

What can seldom be made usually in hunt.
Although something that can be used in combination with a flower is thought, it is gazebo this time. 

By the very favorite item, some are put also on the garden of feast as gazebo.  
This time, it is a fantasy medieval times and made combining the stone slightly roughly.
The roof put in the openwork. Since it's openwork which shaved the stone, image is in which rough remains.

The old rose is entwined there. 

Furthermore, the small fountain which can be used even if separate even if it puts in gazebo. It's charms that it is automatic circulation ;p

Size enters 2 kinds for usually avatars & for petite  avatars.

gazebo, a fountain, and a rose may be sold alone from now on.
However, the rose to sell is not this form.  (The rose for hunt has a form which can cover gazebo by 1prim. )
When you use combining, please get at this opportunity.

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