Couple dance

We had been receiving the request for some time. want you to put intan for a couple dance in the garden.
There is a small dance hall once and it has placed some dance balls. However, those who are familiar with the dance too could enjoy the way changed by intan.

Since music was not passed to feast, it came to pass music and the request increased increasingly from the first although there was also a feeling which thinks that dancing here and there is not suitable however, intan of the couple dance was put on feast lately. 

The terminal is placed here and there so that it can dance anywhere in feast SIM. 
Since the original form never suits the scenery of SIM in that case, the terminal has such a form. 
基本はダンスホールで、、、ですが、feast SIMのどこでも踊っていただけるように、子機をあちこちに設置しています。

Please look for the neighborhood where the butterfly is flying about.
Although the near egg was before made as an egg of a dragon, it put in the system of the terminal there. 

A dance ball comes out of this egg by touch.

It is put only on feast now. 

Once, it is due to put also on Aught. However, for the moment, Aught is not passing music.
Land is divided first, the place which can be danced is made and it becomes the installation after putting in music. 

一応Aught にも置く予定で準備は出来ているのですが、Aught はいまのところ音楽を流していないので、土地を区切って、踊れる場所を確保して、音楽を入れてからの設置になります。

Please also enjoy a dance, when you come to a date at feast.

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