Rose garden Renewal

I did my best in modification of the promised Rose garden yesterday. 

For modification, new work was made once, and the former work was renewed. Actually remodeling the yard was able to start at last. 
The rose which is still due to be planted partly is not planted, and there are some which were placed temporarily.  Once, I think that a rose garden can be enjoyed. 
Then, temporary opening is carried out.

Since I am preparing the group gift etc. when formally open, please the back waits a little. 

The main purposes of this renewal are planting as a sample the rose whose kind increased if possible,
Make approach from the yard to the yard easy to carry out.
And it is Booth's extension. 


Although it finished early comparatively, since Booth's extension has not done yet pop of the goods which should be installed in an extended part, it is still under closing. 
This extension is for the sale of items other than the plant put on the yard and for the rose goods increasing in number. 
I think that some become easy to carry out shopping since it extended so that a main booth and a rose booth might be connected. 

The new booth of rose is here
You can TP also in former LM. (However, it arrives just before a wall :/ ) 
以前のLMでもTP出来ますが、壁ギリギリに到着しちゃうので、一応各所に設置しているteleporter は入れ替えました。

the entrance of a rose garden
 Before, the approach to the yard was divided in somewhat high land, and the number of the entrances of a rose garden was one. Land is made flat and it was made to put in also from the next yard this time. 

Although the position of the entrance of a rose garden has not changed, I think that the view from an entrance changed very well. 
Like the rose garden of RL, you can walk slowly, enjoying various roses.

And although it was a thicket of the rose as an important sample, a complete range was not able to be planted though it was regrettable. 
Although there is an existing thing which is still due to be planted by the kind which is not planted partly, it does not become a complete range even if it plants it. 
I think once that 1 color of each kind will do its best somehow so that it may plant. 

The entrance of The Rose Garden is here. 

pass from the entrance of a rose garden to an open cafe 

From the following report, some information of the renewal article of old goods continues. Each renewal goods can be exchanged when you have old goods. In exchange hope, please inquire.
 (Renewal is mainly "usually prim's being changed to sculpt-prim and a prim number's being reduced", and "being mitigation about collapse of sculpt-prim".There is much what has the high flexibility which the way of old goods edits in person. Please be careful in the case of exchange.  )
In addition, there are also goods which are sales stops partly.
(リニューアルはおもに、通常primをスカルプに直して、prim数を減らしたり、スカルプの崩れを軽減したりの処理になります。 旧作のほうがご自身で編集する自由度が高いものが多いので、交換の際はご注意ください。)

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