Under modification of a rose garden. Saying, old rose is remade, the hand was suddenly applied to other flowers, and the rose garden is late increasingly. 

Since something to do rapidly will increase if time passes, I have troubled myself by myself. 

Under those circumstances, other flower 1. 
It is a flower garden of the hydrangea of the present time. 

Although a texture had hardly changed with before, how to construct prim was changed. It was made to look more naturally than before. 
Moreover, the prim number decreased.
The cover range is 16msq.It is the same as before.  

It is 2 kinds which were planted in the shape of a border by size difference. 
16msq is used combining these two kinds every 4 respectively.
If it is used separately, it can use for the border garden planted in the side of a way, etc.

カバー範囲は16m四方と 以前と同じなのですが、ボーダー状に植え込んだものが、サイズ違いで2種類。この2種類をそれぞれ4つづつ組み合わせて16m四方にしていますので、バラバラにすれば、道の脇などに植え込むボーダーガーデン用にも使えます。

Although I think that it is almost comfortable even if you use for full bright, since it is deep-colored the hydrangea currently taken out with forest feast, sample turned off brightness and has applied glow lightly. 
Since you can edit, please use according to the place to plant. 
forest feastで出している紫陽花は色が濃いめなのでフルブライトでお使いいただいてもあまり違和感がないと思いますが、見本植えは、明るさをoffにして 軽くglowをかけています。

This hydrangea becomes the 3rd upgrade.
When you wish exchange with an old hydrangea, please write your avatar name to a note card and send a hydrangea old to mikatsuki Matova

I will send a thing with the new same color.  
(The version 1 is made only usually prim.The version 2 is made usually prim & scalp. Although I think that there is liking, respectively, a previous version carries out a sales stop.)
この紫陽花はバージョンアップ3度目となるのですが、もし以前の紫陽花との交換をご希望の場合、ノートカードあなたのアバター名を書いて、mikatsuki Matova まで以前ご購入された紫陽花をお送りください。

In addition, the copy version is sold in the marketplace

The sample is planted around here.

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