Blue-eyed Grass

Today's introduction is the blue-eyed Grass. Although it is a North America native flower, it sees having become wild here and there recently.


Although an English name is Blue-eyed Grass, what is seen mostly is a thing of deep red center at a white flower.  
White, purple, and mauve released. (It's said that there is also a yellow flower. yellow will call it California Golden-eyed Grass.)
英名は Blue-eyed Grassですが、多く見かけるのは白い花に中心がえんじ色のものです。
リリースしたのは、白、紫、薄紫ですが、黄色い花もあるらしいです。(黄色はCalifornia Golden-eyed Grassっていうのらしい。

Its a flower with low height of grass. Since the subterranean stem is strong, even if it steps on & steps on, a flower blooms finely every year. 

I prepared two sorts, what was small summarized in flower beds, and the field type which grew gregariously broadly. 
Although it is a simple flower, I think that it becomes a good supporting player of a natural scene. 
花壇用に小さくまとめたものと、広範囲に群生したfield typeの2種をご用意しました。

At Cozy port Mall, it is sold for L$5 till 31st. 
It is due to sell from April in the field flower booth.  
A copy version will be sold from April in a marketplace.
31日までは、Cozy port Mallで L$5です。

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