Reeves spirea

Today's introduction is Reeves spirea.
Seemingly although completely established as a Japanese garden tree, this is a China native naturalized plant. 


It's Rosaceae Spiraea. The friend of Spiraea japonica loves me. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, I wish to make the friend of Spiraea japonica in some numbers from now on.
(when Japanese name shimotsuke of Spiraea japonica is translated by web, it will come out as meadow sweet.This name is also favorite.)
バラ科シモツケ属らしいのですが、 シモツケの仲間は大好きなので、できればいくつか作りたいと思っています。
(シモツケをwebで翻訳するとmeadow sweetって出てくるんですよね。この名前も大好きです。)

I got carried away and filled the flower. 
The flagging branch is very pliant. A tree shape beautiful with a low tree is a very easy-to-use garden tree. 
Colorful spring yard.
The white flower of a low tree becomes a good relaxant of a small flower and flowering trees and shrubs.


At Cozy port Mall, it is sold for L$5 till 31st. A copy version is also a simultaneous release & this is L$10.
It is due to sell from April in the garden flower booth & the tree booth. 
31日までは、Cozy port Mallで L$5です。コピーバージョンも同時リリースで、こちらは、L$10です。

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