Thunbergia mysorensis (Clock vine)

We grew a vine plant as a tropical vegetation the other day.
The companion of Thunbergia has the kind where the flower of gentle feeling blooms. However, this color that seemed to be really the tropics kind was chosen this time.
 熱帯植物をいくつか作った時に作った つる性の植物です。
 ツンベルギアの仲間には もう少し優しい感じの花もあるのですが、いかにも熱帯らしい色合いのこちらを選びました。

The origin is an Indian southern part.
English name is "Clock vine". "Thunbergia mysorensis" is a scientific name.
In the meaning "This is a thunbergia", this name was used.
 原産は インド南部です。
Clock vine. Thunbergia mysorensisは学名なのですが、「これもツンベルギアです!」という意味を込めて、こちらの名前を使いました。

When planting it in the garden, they are often made to crawl in the pergola etc.
The companion of the thunbergia are a lot of strong one, and is doing the natural growth breeding in tropical various places.




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