new release! bougainvillaea

Flowerpot of the group gift and Information of a new flower were sent today.
We grew the beautiful bougainvillaea flower at the midsummer.
本日 グループギフトのフラワーポットと、新しい花のお知らせを送りました。

It is time-consuming to actually maintain this flower to beautiful shape.
Shadow of flower, there is a sharp thorn.


However, because the flower is made to bloom to overflow on the surface if the vine is horizontally extended, the large range can be beautifully decorated with one stock.

As for the color of a flower, magenta is representative, there are various colors.
forest feast release five colors (pink, red, white, yellow, and orange)
花色は マゼンタ(青みのピンク)が代表的ですが、他にもいろいろあります。
forest feastからは、ピンク、赤、白、黄色、オレンジの5色をリリースいたします。

A color of the flower sample is here.
花色の見本は ここにあります

2 kinds of Base shape. 1prim ×1, 3prim(flexibl) × 1 ( total 4) 1 kind of branch shape. 1prim(flexibl) × 4
mod ok , copy no , trans ok L$30 !!
mod ok , copy ok , trans no L$300

1種類の枝が 1prim×4
mod ok , copy no , trans ok
で L$30です。

コピーバージョンは L$300です。

We use potted plant of this red bougainvillaea for a prize of the hunting to begin soon.
we will inform you when the hunt starts, please wait it.
このブーゲンビリアの赤いポットは もうじき始まるハントの賞品にも使っています。

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