Color variation

We released the different colors of the fairy clothes which it released the other day. It is Flower Sing Spring, Salamander & Starlit Winter that there are different colors
Flower Sing Spring, Salamander, Starlit Winter です。

It has put on the booth of fantasy goods in main store.
本店の ファンタジーグッズのブースに置いています。

BlackRed color of "Flower Sing Spring" put into the lucky board. It's forest feast group only.
Flower Sing SpringのBlackREd をLBに入れました。forest feastグループonlyです。

"Dawn" of Starlit Winter, it becomes the product for donations of Move for F of Japan.
Starlit Winterの「Dawn」はMove for F of Japanの募金用商品となります。

This was put also on the sales hall for donation.

It is at half price sale until all weekend.
どれも週末まで 新作半額のセール中です。

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