forest feast marketplace

Information of marketplace of forest feast.
forest feastの、marketplaceのご案内です。

The flower of forest feast has not put all copy versions on the store of in world. The copy version was not made before. When people with comparatively large land increased in number now, the demand of copy versions increased and obtaining demand of a copy version in IM increased. Then, We decided to sell a copy version by marketplace.
forest feastの花はコピーバージョンをすべてin worldのお店に置いていません。

Now, all the goods are not registered. The past work is also registered one by one from what was put on the market newly. If there is a necessity of a copy version, please confirm marketplace.
現在 商品のすべてが登録されているわけではありません。
Please contact me, when there is nothing here. We register it preferentially.

moreover, the case of the copy version purchase after your purchasing a trans version : If ID of Transaction History is attached and you send a trans version to me, I will repay trans version buying expenses.
Transaction History のIDを添えて、transバージョンを送っていただければ、

To marketplace of forest feast, it is a lower banner click. Or please jump from link list of a side bar.
forest feastの、marketplaceへは下のバナークリック。
または、サイドバーのlink listからご覧下さい。

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