Japanese silver leaf ツワブキ

Today's introduction is a Japanese silver leaf. 


A Japanese silver leaf is a flower very familiar for me. It's in bloom in the small yard of the house in Kyoto in which I live a long time ago, & I sketched repeatedly. 
As the flower planted in the yard,
probably, it was convenient, since it grew up in good health and the beautiful leaf was admired always glossily, even if it neglected it. 

I think that it was always also in the neighboring house. 

It was the cultivated species containing spots which was planted in my home.
This time, the kind containing spots is not making.  

Is Japanese silver leaf of an English name a name from the impression of light reflected in a glossy leaf? 
Although there are other English names and it is called leopard plant, probably, this is the name the kind containing spots was named.The peculiar spots similar to leopard enter.
うちにあったのは、斑入り園芸品種だったのですが、 今回斑入りは作っていません。
英名のJapanese silver leafは、つやつやの葉っぱに反射する光の印象からの名前でしょうか?
もうひとつ通ってる英名があって、leopard plantと言いますが、こちらは斑入り品種に付けられた名前でしょう。豹に似た独特の斑が入ります。

The texture change is put in so that it may be planted also as a foliage plant.
It is in a state with a flower in autumn.
Please enjoy the other season only in the state of a leaf. 


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