chinese bellflower 桔梗

Today's introduction is a Chinese bellflower.

There are seven sorts of flowers loved as a flower representing autumn in Japan.
A Chinese bellflower is one of them.

桔梗は秋の七草で朝顔の花と歌われてる 花です。

The seven flowers of autumn are sung to the famous Japanese poem of 31 syllables in the old anthology "Manyousyu." 
If the flower which is in bloom in the fields of autumn is counted with a finger, they will be seven sorts of flowers.  
Bushclover   Japanese pampas grass   Kudzu   Pink   Patrinia scabiosaefolia   Thoroughwort   Chinese bellflower  (It's the free translation of 2 poetry)

秋の野に 咲きたる花を 指折り かき数ふれば 七種の花
(萬葉集 第八巻 秋の雑歌にある山上憶良(やまのうえのおくら)の歌 またその旋頭歌(せどうか)として)
萩の花 尾花 葛花 瞿麦の花 姫部志(をみなへし) また藤袴 朝貌の花
この2つの歌が 秋の七草の元とされています。

Seven grass representing spring is also chosen.
Seven spring herbs are edible.
The seven flowers of autumn are an object for admiration.

春 セリ ナズナ ゴギョウ ハコベラ ホトケノザ スズナ スズシロ これぞななくさ
秋 ハギ キキョウ クズ オミナエシ フジバカマ オバナ ナデシコ これぞななくさ

In fact, the seven flowers of autumn were due to draw the kudzu.
However, since there was a request "Make a Chinese bellflower", the Chinese bellflower was drawn previously.


Although the form was ready too much on the ball, and the flower of the Chinese bellflower was like the artificial flower, and it was hard to draw it and it was an impression, the truly well-organized form was very easy in work.

The Chinese bellflower which blooms in the fields is tall unexpectedly, and is the impression carried out feebly. 
In the yellowish field of autumn, I think that it was probably a flower which appearance makes sure.

Now, probably, it's familiar as a material of the flower arrangement in autumn, since it sells at a florist.

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